New E72 firmware released

April 19, 2010 2 comments

New firmware is available for the E72 (all areas and models).

Perhaps this will improve the problems with memory management and leaking.

Details below:



This document summarizes the main differences between Nokia E72 software release 022.007 / SW relase 023.002 and SW release 031.023

This is mandatory update to all areas. Main reasons for the update are added free navigation support and new memory component support.

New content

* WAPI support for China
* Internet radio
* Smart Connect
* Bloomberg
* Advanced Communications Manager


* Freestyle email (2.05, BL3, csw.32.rd_email_10w04)
* My Nokia (4.1)
* Nokia Maps SR3
* Share on OVI (4.3)
* OviStore (1.5.436)
* Cherry (2.1)
* Browser 7.2

Only major corrections listed
• Stability improvements
o Memoryleak corrections to improve general stability
o Music player, radio, video recording, earphone, security sw and encryprion stability corrections

• Localisation corrections(MAPS, Calendar, Contacts, Email and Browser area)

• Email improvements
o MFE activation registration correction
o Synchronisation correction to mailbox creation(like Yahoo and Gmail) for the first time
o Email editing correction(dubling of words when deleting suggestions)
o Correction to synchronization when syncing draft meeting request
o Set default setting “Sync while roaming” to “No”
o Sending message without password initials crash correction
o Messaging menu memory leak correction

• Calendar
o Meeting request creation stability corrections
o Requiring meeting request corrections
o Meeting request saving correction if meeting request is saved before sending
o Meeting update send after editing request

• Contacts
o Contacts stability improvements (arrow keys pressed rapidly before contacts are loaded, add searched contact to the goup without name, mail box removal, open/close contacts during call, conference call with two same name participants, … )
o Company name displayed in contacts
o Group deleting correction when goup is deleted from group edit view
o Contact group editing view corrections
o Contacts search corrections (Group cannot be searched after editing its conference service number, Image detail of marked contact is not displayed in search result, Group disappears when add contact to it in searched result view)

• Home screen
o Missed call indicator removal correction after call has been accomplished form action menu
o Message notifier corrected when several voice messages received

o New maps version included
o Free navigation
o Improved GPS handling
o Landmark corrections(land mark received vie MMS, Landmarks are not displayed when selecting places during planning route from landmarks application)
o Voice guidance corrections (turning directions, safety camera)
o Route planning/saving corrections

• Browser
o Browser bitmap memory leak correction
o Browser closing stability improvement before connection is open
o Secure connection icon corrections (going to an other secure page, secure connection canceling)
o When moving multiple Bookmarks, the last selected Bookmark is not moved
o Bookmark icon correction

• Other
o Spacebar stops working correction
o Emergency call correction when lock code query is on and call made quickly after power on
o Theme effects disabled by default

DP Information:

* DP Filename: rm530_CareDP_6.0_EUROPE
* DP Type: Care
* DP Version: 6.0 MAJOR
* Description: EUROPE

DP Content:

* 0587342 031.023 BALCANS QW BLACK
* 0587279 031.023 PORTUGAL QW BROWN
* 0584248 031.023 POLAND QW GREY
* 0584264 031.023 ROMANIAN QW GREY
* 0591738 031.023 BENELUX QW GREY
* 0587348 031.023 UKRAINA QW BLACK
* 0584255 031.023 FRANCE QW GREY
* 0587339 031.023 PORTUGAL QW BLACK
* 0584209 031.023 FINLAND-SWEDEN QW BLACK
* 0597978 031.023 EURO QW1 WHITE
* 0587271 031.023 CZECH QW BROWN
* 0586909 031.023 RUSSIA-BELARUS QW BROWN
* 0597982 031.023 PORTUGAL QW AMETHYST
* 0584275 031.023 BALTIAN QW GREY
* 0587328 031.023 CZECH QW BLACK
* 0587290 031.023 ESTONIA QW BROWN
* 0584257 031.023 ITALY QW GREY
* 0587273 031.023 POLAND QW BROWN
* 0587280 031.023 SPAIN QW BROWN
* 0587346 031.023 ROMANIAN QW BLACK
* 0584272 031.023 ESTONIA QW GREY
* 0587352 031.023 BALTIAN QW BLACK
* 0598058 031.023 AUSTRIA QW WHITE
* 0584263 031.023 HUNGARY QW GREY
* 0587333 031.023 AUSTRIA QW BLACK
* 0591739 031.023 BENELUX QW BLACK
* 0584269 031.023 MOLDOVA QW GREY
* 0584247 031.023 SLOVAKIA QW GREY
* 0586724 031.023 FINLAND-SWEDEN QW WHITE
* 0587287 031.023 UKRAINA QW BROWN
* 059B043 031.023 BENELUX QW WHITE
* 0587282 031.023 MACEDONIA QW BROWN
* 059B193 031.023 BENELUX QW AMETHYST
* 0587274 031.023 SCANDINAVIA QW BROWN
* 0587291 031.023 BALTIAN QW BROWN
* 0587289 031.023 CIS SOUTH QW BROWN
* 0584223 031.023 FINLAND-SWEDEN QW BROWN
* 0587281 031.023 BALCANS QW BROWN
* 0587277 031.023 TURKEY QW BROWN
* 0587332 031.023 SCANDINAVIA QW BLACK
* 0599237 031.023 UKRAINA QW AMETHYST
* 0586719 031.023 FRANCE QW BLACK
* 0586722 031.023 FRANCE QW BROWN
* 0584267 031.023 UKRAINA QW GREY
* 0584601 031.023 RUSSIA-BELARUS QW BLACK
* 0599235 031.023 MOLDOVA QW WHITE
* 0584251 031.023 GERMAN-LXB QW GREY
* 0587284 031.023 HUNGARY QW BROWN
* 0591740 031.023 BENELUX QW BROWN
* 0587285 031.023 ROMANIAN QW BROWN
* 0584259 031.023 SPAIN QW GREY
* 0587345 031.023 HUNGARY QW BLACK
* 0584253 031.023 SWITZERLAND QW GREY
* 0584260 031.023 BALCANS QW GREY
* 0587341 031.023 SPAIN QW BLACK
* 0573569 031.023 EURO QW1 BLACK
* 0586723 031.023 ITALY QW BROWN
* 0587331 031.023 POLAND QW BLACK
* 0587288 031.023 MOLDOVA QW BROWN
* 0587275 031.023 AUSTRIA QW BROWN
* 0599233 031.023 UKRAINA QW WHITE
* 0586224 031.023 SCANDINAVIA QW WHITE
* 0584252 031.023 AUSTRIA QW GREY
* 0587276 031.023 SWITZERLAND QW BROWN
* 0584250 031.023 SCANDINAVIA QW GREY
* 0598716 031.023 RUSSIA-BELARUS QW WHITE
* 0586721 031.023 GERMAN-LXB QW BROWN
* 0586720 031.023 ITALY QW BLACK
* 0598153 031.023 ITALY QW AMETHYST
* 0599051 031.023 SWITZERLAND QW WHITE
* 0587336 031.023 TURKEY QW BLACK
* 0584261 031.023 MACEDONIA QW GREY
* 0586718 031.023 GERMAN-LXB QW BLACK
* 0587344 031.023 GREECE CYPRUS QW BLACK
* 0586727 031.023 ITALY QW WHITE
* 0584254 031.023 TURKEY QW GREY
* 0587343 031.023 MACEDONIA QW BLACK
* 0586726 031.023 FRANCE QW WHITE
* 0584245 031.023 EURO QW GREY
* 0584266 031.023 RUSSIA-BELARUS QW GREY
* 0587335 031.023 SWITZERLAND QW BLACK
* 0587272 031.023 SLOVAKIA QW BROWN
* 0584258 031.023 PORTUGAL QW GREY
* 0587351 031.023 ESTONIA QW BLACK
* 0587283 031.023 GREECE CYPRUS QW BROWN
* 0599238 031.023 MOLDOVA QW AMETHYST
* 059B0G8 031.023 HUNGARY QW WHITE
* 0584262 031.023 GREECE CYPRUS QW GREY
* 0597980 031.023 PORTUGAL QW WHITE
* 0584249 031.023 FINLAND-SWEDEN QW GREY
* 0599837 031.023 BALCANS QW WHITE
* 0597472 031.023 EURO QW1 AMETHYST
* 05999Z3 031.023 GERMAN-LXB QW AMETHYST
* 059B713 031.023 CZECH QW WHITE
* 0587329 031.023 SLOVAKIA QW BLACK
* 0584246 031.023 CZECH QW GREY
* 0599723 031.023 TURKEY QW AMETHYST
* 0584221 031.023 EURO QW1 BROWN
* 0587349 031.023 MOLDOVA QW BLACK
* 0587350 031.023 CIS SOUTH QW BLACK
* 0586725 031.023 GERMAN-LXB QW WHITE
* 0597981 031.023 FRANCE QW AMETHYST
* 0584270 031.023 CIS SOUTH QW GREY
* 0598717 031.023 TURKEY QW WHITE

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Problems with speed dial and log>create number

March 8, 2010 2 comments

I have problems with certain numbers from the phonebook that cannot be added to a speed dial. Everytime I try to add it, the E72 just exits to the home screen. This only happens in a particular number.

Something that also happens is that if you get a call and try to user the number from the Log to update and existing contact (or create it) it sometimes does not work at all… again, the E72 exits to the home screen.

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Firmware v023.002 is out

February 17, 2010 3 comments

Firmware version 023.002 appears to be out, not much longer after 022.007. At this time I’ve been unable to find out what has changed, other than minor corrections regarding localization (asian countries). It is not available for my terminal at least.

Probably a very minor upgrade. I’m tempted to skip this one. Post your opinions if you got it…

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Does your E72 have memory leaks?

February 3, 2010 1 comment

Yes, I know it probably does. Since my initial post many users noted problems they’re having with their E72’s firmware. I admit that in some cases I did not experience the problem (for instance, the Space bar has always worked nicely) but there is an issue that might affect all E72s; It is a pity that this fine model was produced with so little RAM, but it is even worse that it leaks it like hell, forcing us to reboot it every 2 days or so (when used to the maximum).

You don’t get much more than 40MB after a clean boot and after a couple of hours of normal usage I’m down to 25-27. The longer it is on, the less memory is available. Granted, I’m using a hacked unit with lots of software installed, but I’ve been unable to notice any tasks eating up RAM – and in fact – the same thing happens after a fresh clean reset.

This happens with all OSs, WiMo included… but where is all that RAM going, Nokia?

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Ovi Maps now fully empowered in the E72 and free of charge

January 24, 2010 2 comments

As you all have heard, Nokia announced some interesting news. E72 users now have full Ovi Maps power, without having to pay for it. In-car navigation, data from lonely planet and michelin guides and so on. So there you go, finally no need to have to install other GPS apps.. unless of course you want a different map provider.

Right now I’m using only Ovi Maps and Sygic Mobile (in my area at least it appears to have updated maps)

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New E72 firmware released – 22.007

January 12, 2010 2 comments

Nokia has released the first firmware for the Nokia E72 after the original production release. 22.007 is now E72-1 (Euro) version.   According to some who already installed it, there seem to be some bug fixes included in the new, along with some new themes.

As usual Nokia is quite secretive about the changes (one of the things I have always hated) so a detailed change log still hasn’t emerged for the time being. Also no information on HelloOx compatibility or any particular fixes.

If you have flashed yours with this Bond version and want to share info about any changes, let us know.

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More useful applications for the Nokia E72

January 4, 2010 4 comments

An update do my previous post, with applications/games/themes/fonts that I’ve found useful to have on my E72 (with bugs or no bugs).

-vHome (or Voyager Home.. an alternative Shell)
*-Explorer Pro
-Handy Shell (possible alternative to vhome)
*-Handy Weather (for the screensaver)
*-OggPlay (nice audio player)
*-Papyrus (nice organizer)
*-Opera Mobile 10 (cute but still too buggy and memory hungry)
*-Calcium (free fast calculator)
*-SkyFire (best browser)
*-Killermobile TotalRecall (the only call recording app I tried that worked on the 72)
*-SPB Wallet
*-Nokia Wellness Diary
*-Nimbuzz (I use it for free skype calls)
*-Live Messenger
*-Handy RSS Reader (GReader is still buggy for rss)
-Free-iSMS (threaded sms)
*-SPB Weather (nice graphics)
*-JBaktaskman (task manager)
*-MCleaner (call and sms firewalling.. does not screen private numbers tho)
*-Easy Reject (instant reject of calls, I use it for private numbers)
*-Touch Balance (shows prepaid balance after events)
*-Metro (good for metro trips)
*-FSCaller (fullscreen caller photo, much better than the default)
*-Best Menu (great to manage common apps and shortcuts)
-Jotter (for notes)
-Tracker (another manager.. I prefer Best  Menu tho)
*-FontRouter e FontMan (to change the system font)
*-SPB TV (tv via net, works great)
*-Mobbler (for users)
*-Core Player (best video player)


-Prestige Solace D by t7
-Pulsar 2 lite – Pizero Design
-Zen2 lite – Pizero design

-Astraware Casino
-Gabor Fetter MicroPool
-Inifinite Dreams Skyforce
-HeroCraft Robo
-HeroCraft Hexxagon
-Bass Fishing Mania
-Namco Pacman Championship Edition
-Defraxion Arkanoid
-Army Sniper Academy
-Tony Hawk
-Townsmen 6
-Tricky Tracks
-Pro Evo Soccer 2010
-Super KO Boxing

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