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More useful applications for the Nokia E72

An update do my previous post, with applications/games/themes/fonts that I’ve found useful to have on my E72 (with bugs or no bugs).

-vHome (or Voyager Home.. an alternative Shell)
*-Explorer Pro
-Handy Shell (possible alternative to vhome)
*-Handy Weather (for the screensaver)
*-OggPlay (nice audio player)
*-Papyrus (nice organizer)
*-Opera Mobile 10 (cute but still too buggy and memory hungry)
*-Calcium (free fast calculator)
*-SkyFire (best browser)
*-Killermobile TotalRecall (the only call recording app I tried that worked on the 72)
*-SPB Wallet
*-Nokia Wellness Diary
*-Nimbuzz (I use it for free skype calls)
*-Live Messenger
*-Handy RSS Reader (GReader is still buggy for rss)
-Free-iSMS (threaded sms)
*-SPB Weather (nice graphics)
*-JBaktaskman (task manager)
*-MCleaner (call and sms firewalling.. does not screen private numbers tho)
*-Easy Reject (instant reject of calls, I use it for private numbers)
*-Touch Balance (shows prepaid balance after events)
*-Metro (good for metro trips)
*-FSCaller (fullscreen caller photo, much better than the default)
*-Best Menu (great to manage common apps and shortcuts)
-Jotter (for notes)
-Tracker (another manager.. I prefer Best  Menu tho)
*-FontRouter e FontMan (to change the system font)
*-SPB TV (tv via net, works great)
*-Mobbler (for last.fm users)
*-Core Player (best video player)


-Prestige Solace D by t7
-Pulsar 2 lite – Pizero Design
-Zen2 lite – Pizero design

-Astraware Casino
-Gabor Fetter MicroPool
-Inifinite Dreams Skyforce
-HeroCraft Robo
-HeroCraft Hexxagon
-Bass Fishing Mania
-Namco Pacman Championship Edition
-Defraxion Arkanoid
-Army Sniper Academy
-Tony Hawk
-Townsmen 6
-Tricky Tracks
-Pro Evo Soccer 2010
-Super KO Boxing

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  1. Fawad
    January 25, 2010 at 11:08 am

    hello, i wanted to know from where have u installed all these applications/games/softwares for nokia e72? please help me by posting the links if possible, as i am unable to find these for my e72!
    all help will be appreciated…thankZ.

  2. January 25, 2010 at 11:14 am

    Hello Fawad. You can find lots of applications on the symbiantalk.net site. Most (or all) of the ones I mentioned are there.

  3. Fawad
    January 26, 2010 at 7:58 am

    thank You for the link!:)
    but here..symbian s60 supports every phone and e71…..i cant see e7’s name…does it matter if i download e71 thingz in e72?

    • Nuno Neves
      January 26, 2010 at 10:28 am

      There is no way to be sure but I have installed many E71 apps that work on the E72. You have to risk it. In general, if it is for landscape screen format then it will probably work.

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