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Does your E72 have memory leaks?

Yes, I know it probably does. Since my initial post many users noted problems they’re having with their E72’s firmware. I admit that in some cases I did not experience the problem (for instance, the Space bar has always worked nicely) but there is an issue that might affect all E72s; It is a pity that this fine model was produced with so little RAM, but it is even worse that it leaks it like hell, forcing us to reboot it every 2 days or so (when used to the maximum).

You don’t get much more than 40MB after a clean boot and after a couple of hours of normal usage I’m down to 25-27. The longer it is on, the less memory is available. Granted, I’m using a hacked unit with lots of software installed, but I’ve been unable to notice any tasks eating up RAM – and in fact – the same thing happens after a fresh clean reset.

This happens with all OSs, WiMo included… but where is all that RAM going, Nokia?

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  1. htep
    February 4, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    I think that battery life is less good as before the update.

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