Essential Applications and Games for the E72

December 22, 2009 2 comments

This post will be a bit different. Instead of mentioning problems, we’ll be noting a few apps and games that are useful for your Nokia E72. This is of course a somewhat personal list according to my daily usage of the device but perhaps you can get some ideas out of it.

So let’s see some of the apps I like to have installed:

HelloOx 2.3: This will allow you to “hack” your phone so that unsigned applications can be installed. You can also access system folders and perform other actions that are impossible by default. If you do not require such extra power, installing it is not recommended.

-Handy TaskMan: The default task manager is very limited so a more complete one is essential. Unfortunately I have found none that is fully perfect and complete but Handy TaskMan has a good balance between functionality and looks.  An interesting alternative (more complete but with worse usability) is jbaktaskman. At this time none of the versions I tested was fully compatible with the Nokia E72 (for instance, reboot will not work) but they area complete enough.

-VoyagerHome: The default Today screen is a bit of a waste of space and not all that complete. There are several alternatives – but again – I have found none that is fully satisfying. If you want to deal with some bugs and limitations, go for vHome. It has a few advantages like 2 rows of icons on the home screen. Unfortunately some features like fast typing have some issues. Another possibility is Handy Shell, which you can combine with Handy Weather for an interesting looking home screen. As most Handy apps, configuration is unfortunately very limited. I’ve used vHome a lot but am now back to the default Today screen.

-KillerMobile Total Recall: I’ve tried a few call-recording apps for the E72 and the only one that appeared to work properly was Total Recall. With the rest I got all sorts of audio glitches. Again, it is not perfect at the current version as the beep-supression does not work on the E72.

-OggPlayS60: Oggplay might look outdated but it is still a fine, free audio player. I use it a lot.

Calcium: If you use the calculator a lot, Calcium will save you some keystrokes. If not, don’t bother.

-CorePlayer: Coreplayer appears to be one of the most complete players you can choose. I have tested v1.36.7427 for a few minutes and appears to work ok on the Nokia E72 but still more testing is needed to make sure it is stable.

-Nimbuzz: Maybe I’m too picky, being a tester, but again I found no perfect app for messaging and voice. Tested several but ended up sticking with Nimbuzz, mostly because it seemed to work better with free Skype calls over WiFi. As for the rest, it is ok. For pure messaging, Shape Services IM+ appears to have better usability.

SBSH FExplorer Pro: A secondary file explorer is needed. I’d go with FExplorer Pro or Xplorer.

-SPB TV: Sometimes it might be good to watch some TV on your E72. SPBTV appears to work great (v.1.1.195) and the interface is quite nice.

-SPB Weather: Another SPB tool with a good looking interface and great usability. The Symbian version is quite recent but I have found no issues with it.

-TouchBalance: This tool shows the amount you have left on a pre-paid card, using USSD commands. I found it to be useful but also a bit buggy, sometimes showing the balance even when no call or transfer was performed. I’m keeping an eye on future versions.

-WellnessDiary: Free tool from Nokia Beta Labs. Well worth the download.

-NorthPole: A new tool that provides a stand-alone compass. Something that Nokia should have included by default.

-Best Crypto 3: Despite using RAM+card encryption, best crypto is useful to keep information locked for instance when you give your phone to someone to play or test. You can also use full apps like Handy Wallet but I prefer a single encryption tool that crypts a text file with the info I want to keep private (typically lists of user/passwords and credit card, etc).

-MCleaner 2.01 : This great tool allows you to filter SMS and Calls, according to white and blacklists. Great to avoid telemarketers or other pesky creatures. Combine it with the default Group/Profile functionality on the E72 for complete power. Again, something an E-Series should provide by default. I believe it is free, or at least used to be and it has more power than others like Handy Blacklist.

-Sygic Mobile 7: There is a wide offer of GPS apps for the E72. I have started with Sygic and have not tried a different application yet. It is compatible and works well (except regarding the encryption but mentioned in other post) but I have not used it extensively to recommend it over Garmin or other app. Testing in progress.

There are many other interesting tools worth mentioning (Papyrus for instance) but I’ll keep those for my next update of this post, which will mention interesting games.

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Invalid Server Name

December 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Sometimes I notice that I lose connectivity to the WiFi network. Apps start showing an error when a connection is made. For instance, the browser burps out “Invalid Server Name”, as do other tools like Handy Weather.

So far I don’t know what causes this but the solution is to disconnect/reconnect from the said WiFi network.

[Update] Still happening with latest firmware 022.007

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E72 turning off for no reason

December 14, 2009 5 comments

Anyone noticing their E72s turning off, (out of battery) when a couple of hours before that the battery was fully loaded and the phone was not used?

It has happened to me 2 or 3 times now. It appears as if the phone drains the battery down fast,  or if the firmware incorrectly monitors the battery charge.

Update: I think I have traced at least one cause of this “sudden death” syndrome: If the E72 has ram+card encryption active, I’ve noticed than if it reboots you’ll get the “insert code” prompt and the LCD light will be on. As far as I can tell on mine, it won’t turn off – so if it reboots by itself in your pocket, it will keep the LCD active until it drains the whole battery.

[Update] This has not happened again since upgrading to 22.007. Not sure if this firmware solved it or if it is just a coincidence.

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Issues with the original firmware

December 2, 2009 24 comments

I’ve used my E72 and it is quite stable in general, more than my previous Symbian units at the time of release.

Even so, after loading a lot of applications, I now have the following issues:

#Problem 1 (Closed) – Description:
The phone’s backlight sometimes stops working. It simply does not light up.

#Problem 1 – Conditions:
Typically happens after the phone is connected to a PC in Mass Media mode via USB
#Problem 1 – Solution
No solution. The only way to light up and see the screen is to press the Power button or change profile. After a while it will happen again. It is not possible to reboot or turn off w/the power button so the only option is to remove the battery.

[Update]: I can no longer reproduce this issue after a reset and 22.007 flashing

#Problem 2 (Open) – Description
Sygic Mobile 7 GPS software crashes after some minutes of navigation, with the error “Unexpected Error”

#Problem 2 – Conditions
E72 has mem+card encryption turned on. I’ve noticed that the crash always happens when the Nokia self-locks itself. Seems Sygic tries to write and the encryption becomes a problem.
#Problem 2 – Solution
The maximum auto-lock duration configurable for the E72 is 20 minutes, so you cannot use Sygic for longer than that without a crash. The only solution at the time appears to be deactivating strong encryption (for internal memory and card)

Problem 3 (Closed) – Description
Sometimes the breathing light keeps blinking active even after an incoming SMS was read (should return to normal)

Problem 3 – Conditions
I’ve been unable to determine when this happens, but it does always happen when Problem #1 is ocurring
Problem 3 – Solution
No solution except reboot.

[Update]: I can no longer reproduce this issue after a reset and 22.007 flashing

Problem 4 (Closed) – Description
Phone turns off even when the battery was charged.

Problem 3 – Conditions
Sometimes the battery is charged but I later find out that the phone is off (as if battery was fully drained). I am not sure if this happens because something is left on(LED, etc) constantly draining the battery or if the software is incorrectly determining that the battery is empty.
Problem 3 – Solution
No solution except plugging it to the charger for a bit, it will then work and show an almost empty battery indicator.

[Update]: I can no longer reproduce this issue after a reset and 22.007 flashing

The Nokia E72

December 2, 2009 Leave a comment


I am the owner of a Nokia E72 and decided to create this space to keep track of known issues with the firmware (at the time of this post there is only one version, the original release).

If you find new bugs you can participate by commenting. Always make sure that you are describing a firmware problem and not a defect in a particular software application that you have installed.

Here we will also comment on interesting applications for our E72s. Users of other compatible handphones are welcome to participate.

Nokia E72